Price Structures

We are happy to send you price lists or even better a quote for stone. Call Lucy 02102669300 or email to get our latest pricing and to arrange a quote.

As a general rule the price of stone is usually about 1/3 of the cost of having stone laid by a stonemason. The actual cost always varies depending on the style of stone work required, the structure, any site challenges (eg access, working from heights etc) and transport.

There are always challenges to quarrying schist, clients are often seeking particular colours, there is always overburden to shift and a lot of stone is rejected before it even gets to the guillotine. Winter brings the additional fun of cold days, freezing water and stone and summer brings heat and dust making the quarry workers life hard.

At Poolburn quarry we use our in-depth knowledge of geology and mining and quarrying systems to ensure we complete the extraction efficiently and effectively. We operate suitably sized equipment and have trained staff who help to minimise handling the stone as every action adds to the cost.