Designing your stone

The landscape of Otago is iconic and schist is inherently associated to the historic buildings of the area. The Huts and Homes, of the early settlers initally looking for gold then soon turned to farming are easily identifiable.

More recently schist has become the signature of quality homes in Queenstown, Wanaka and Central Otago. It is a permanent feature which required minimal maintenance or ongoing effort. Stone doesn’t become fashionable or unfashionable, it is a classic timeless addition to any structure.

The classic blue-grey and grey tones of schist are prevalent at Poolburn, what is unusual at Poolburn is our ability to guillotine cut the weathered browns, bronzes and gold tones. These weathered surface shifts the greys to russets and golds. Stone size is fundamentally linked to the depth of footing available, the bigger the footing the larger the size. At 250mm footing we guarantee the stone will be big and blocky, making it very physically demanding to use!