Designing your stone

The landscape of Otago is very particular. And schist is associated to the historic buildings of the area. The Huts and Homes, of the early settlers looking for gold, are quickly identifiable. More recently schist has become the stone of better homes in Queenstown, Wanaka and Central Otago. It’s the breaks in the differing plates of the schist that generate the iconic texture. As technology has developed it has become possible to diamond cut the schist to develop more international looking styles of stone with a smooth face. Cut across the grain we get extraordinary stripes. Polished back to a flat surface and a marbled pattern emerges. The weathered surface shifts the greys to russets and golds. Size, colour and finish are decisions for the designer. And as long as nature is willing we will source your request. Each decision does impact on cost so we do advise talking to us and reading the price structures page to give you an idea for the limits for your project.